Patented new details and exciting about the iPhone 2020

Latest patent from Apple about the plans to develop the fingerprint Touch ID and return it in the devices iPhone 2020 in addition to the update for the MacBook. Also participated Blaine Curtis, an analyst at the Apple, his expectations he and his friends for each of the models of Apple’s the year 2019 and 2020 after their trip to Asia earlier this month, where they met some of the suppliers within the supply chains of Apple Inc. So what’s new?

براءة اختراع جديدة وتفاصيل مثيرة عن آي-فون 2020

It was a summary of what has been published as follows:

◉ You’ll get devices iPhone three changes relatively little in the design, to the side of the lens of the rear camera additional. We have mentioned this in detail in previous articles.

◉ Will completely eliminate the advantage of the 3D Touch in all phones, 2019, which may indicate the expansion of the feature of Haptic Touch.

◉ Will contain the next generation of iPhone XR to 4 GB RAM, instead of the current 3 GB, as expected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

◉ There are big changes and more important in devices iPhone 2020, including support for 5G technology consulting three-dimensional cross-system rear camera, and fingerprint under the screen.

◉ Mentioned a few of the suppliers the possibility of a iPhone SE 2 specifications of iPhone 8 the interior in the early 2020 .

◉ Has become the company LG suppliers secondary screens OLED with participation estimated at from 10 to 30% with Samsung, before you say Apple adopting OLED screens in all their phones in 2020.

◉ Pointed out other rumors that the devices iPhone 2019 will contain on the cover the glass crystal, the batteries largest, and charging dual “charging backwards” allows users to charge the accessory supports wireless charging by placing it on the back of the iPhone.

◉ Likely to reveal the Apple TV about the latest phones in the month of September as usual at the scene of Steve Jobs.

New video design iPhone New

Fingerprint Touch ID to third-generation coming soon

In a report published yesterday, reveal a new patent to Apple for new details about the second version of the fingerprint Touch ID 2.0 up to devices iPhone 2020. Where you show the patent, that Apple is planning to embed tiny cameras called “Camera pin hole” installed behind the screen of the phone will be able to create a three-dimensional map of the fingerprint regardless of the finger thing.

This is in reference to the possibility that the analysis of the technical ones shop fingerprint Face ID. But it is likely that it can be added that new technology to capture the fingerprint with the fingerprint of the face to make iPhone safer.

The interesting thing in this patent, is that they know the pictures of the actual and not the blueprints for a prototype of my work has been built already, which means that Apple was working on developing that technology for a long time. Maybe in the phones 2020 or beyond.

What do you think about these updates? Do you expect the replacement of the imprint face of the imprint of the finger of the developer is? Tell us in the comments.


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