Patented filter phone Google removable bending

Raised my phone Samsung Huawei opt-bending sensation when launched, although they’re far from perfect and have at an exorbitant price, it is without the support of the Google software, the operating system, not to include our two phones to the level of the infect which technique is ideal to provide the experience of a phone and tablet with one device.

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It seems that Google is also planning to develop a foldable phone in accordance with the arrangements, which was the most recent patent describes the “management and development company bendy with thin layers and high knowledge,” it focuses on the components used to create the crease without compromising the quality of the screen.

The biggest problem in young Bendy is that when you bend them, the bend over shots place by a little different, so think about Google in the use of components varying in the longitudinal elastic modulus for different layers depending on the position of the screen panel Olid, even fit a fan in each layer provided the requirements of the least developed bending and, in theory, this will prevent the appearance of any of the company upon execution of the put the crease to put the numerator.

Interesting also that Google are considering a material composed of glass fibers power as a class to protect me company; one of the biggest criticisms of the phones bendy advertiser is using a screen layer to protect the plastic, which makes it more prone to scratches from layered glass which has not spared the company in its development to be subject to bending as appropriate for the category of new phones.

If it can be considered official information planning guide on guide Google, the company seems to prefer the crease is vertical instead of horizontal, which means that her phone was put in the numerator will be just a large phone, and put the crease will be just a phone ROM.

It also appears that Google still didn’t figure out a way to bend the phone entirely, however, to describe a patent that can bend the screen OLED even so as to leave a gap with a radius of less than 10 mm and more than 5 mm, which may change its technical development in a year or two, to bend the entire screen.

When or if Google development phone foldaway bed remains non-confirming to the current situation, but developments in this field make us excited to the future we believe that it is closer to the imagination.

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