Patented by Apple is designed to integrate all of the feature of Face ID, Touch ID on the same iPhone

Many users of iPhone and iPad with Face detection Face ID, you won’t want to return to the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, as that technology is older she has her fans. In the new patent of Apple described a technique to integrate both characteristics with the iPhone.

Start the patent which was published on the website Patently Apple in the description of the problems with face recognition systems are two-dimensional, which has a rejection rate is high when performed properly. This is why choosing the Apple for a camera system TrueDepth to Face ID.

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However, the part of the patent raises the possibility of including all of the Face ID and Touch ID in the same device. As shown in the picture down here, the machine that failed in login by Face ID, displays a fingerprint sensor Touch ID as an option of a reserve, as the user Committee to the access code.

Apple patent for both Face ID and Touch ID

If Apple launched the iPhone includes two ways of authentication, it is certain that Touch ID will be embedded in the screen.

Remember the reading is also that the facial recognition can be used as with an hour Apple’s smart. It is worth mentioning that the Apple Watch from the current generation lacks, of course, to any type of camera, not to mention the system TrueDepth necessary for Your Face ID.

But it’s expected to see such technology in the future, since there’s already the sensor of the fingerprint embedded in the screens of Android phones, which means that it is technically possible to integrate a particular version of Face ID with Touch ID. At some point, it will be possible to put the camera down part of the screen, and in this situation would be to include Face ID in the Apple Watch idea quite suitable.

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