Patented a new Reveal from the Sony phone rollaway


Now that Samsung officially reveal its smartphone folding, it turns out that the South Korean company will be included in the race with the other competing companies in the smartphone market folding. It was Sony Pictures when it comes to this matter, but this does not mean that the company didn’t think of this type of device.

The patent was discovered recently by the site LetsGoDigital, it seems that Sony filed a patent for a smartphone retractable. However, patents have now become a designs only, which means that Sony might try to simply protect the idea of what has which they can then license it to other companies, and therefore there is no guarantee that it will turn into a physical product.

However, judging from what we can learn from patent this, it appears that Sony phone rollaway embodied in the patent, this is a phone of the future, it features the screen is completely transparent in the middle. This seems to indicate that there won’t be detailed, and in case if there is one, you’ll be within the phone itself, which means that the screen will be completely flexible.


The idea behind the transparent screen is that it can be used from both sides, and what can we make of the patent, the phone can detect any of the two sides viewed the user will be able to phone after that of the display operating system in the phone accordingly. Can also be changed to include a dark background or transparent. Anyway, as we have said previously, don’t speak of patents not necessarily to actual, so don’t make your hopes high when it comes to getting a smart phone retractable from Sony.


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