Patent reveals how will fingerprint screen mess Note 9

It seems that the Galaxy Note 9 will be the first of Samsung phones that come equipped with fingerprint Compact the bottom of the screen according to the new China. That’s because Samsung don’t want to rely on another party to bring to its organs; where there are technical from the company Synaptics, which brought her to the phone vivo 20X Plus UD available exclusively in China, although this step of Samsung will be its expenses for research and development only they will have the funds in the future, as it will not develop its technology to the current organization of the future instead of continuing to pay license fees to other companies. The author of the new report, a picture of a patent registered by Samsung indicates that the subject of the reader footprint, which will be the place of the main button, but the reader of insight will be a button material, but in the screen. And according to previous reports, Samsung is working on Fingerprint Sensor since the launch of Galaxy S7. The arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 reader fingerprint built-in screen means we’ll see Android phones coming with the technology, as it may hinder Apple’s thinking on the return with Touch ID to the iPhone. This says that the Galaxy Note 9 will soon be in its design and specifications of the Galaxy S9 plus but with the S Pen to the side of the reader footprint built-in screen, that announced to the world in late August or during the events of Eva 2018 in early September. Source: Android Headlines

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