Patent reveals foldable phone transparent LG

We have seen in the recent period many of the companies that submitted a number of patents that know phones and smart very sophisticated to suit future uses. And, apparently, the LG has got one of the coolest patents till now, which is about folding apparatus includes a transparent screen.

Provide the company LG is already a request for this patent in late 2015, any long before to see the initial versions of the hardware collapsible. But despite the fact that phones and tablets folding all popular, but the LG aspire for something greater by making the device by folding completely transparent.

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Although the design is fully transparent, however, the patent indicates that there is one part on the phone is not transparent, which will include internal components such as the battery and the camera and Paintings.

It seems that the design of a transparent phone would be the trend of the continent, it is expected to see future phones enjoy this design, but it may take a long time to see already such devices.


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