Patent new Samsung in phone games folding

The latest patent was recorded from the Korean giant in a phone dedicated to gaming comes to design, foldable, with buttons to control the games.


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More patents from Samsung in the recent period, after the appearance of the patented new smart shirt works to monitor the condition of the lung, appeared a patent the other day for a new phone, foldable, and comes custom design for games.

This is the design for any version of the last of the phones allocated to the Games launched up to now, starting from the Nokia phone N-Gage, launched in 2000, access to phones Razer Phone the Asus ROG Phone phone Shawty Black Shark custom game versions, which launched to market recently.

Come patent Samsung Display to deliver new design for folding can claim to extend the screen to show control buttons D-pad at the bottom to the left, with other buttons for the right side.

Also comes design Samsung dedicated for games larger design of the gaming console PlayStation Vita, but the size is relatively smaller than the console games in Nintendo Switch, and also the design of the Samsung funky between the phones games, however, the projections indicate that in the case of transfer this design to the implementation phase will come with the level of pricing is certainly high to the market.


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