Patent know the smart features provided by the base wireless charging Apple AirPower


The base wireless charging AirPower decided to show up now in the innocence of the invention of the modern Apple. Although there is no mention of the brand of ” AirPower ” in the levels of the patent, but it’s easy to assume that Apple is talking about the base wireless charging AirPower in the patent.

We know already that he can use the base wireless charging AirPower to charge multiple devices at the same time as the AirPods and iPhone and Apple Watch. But while you’re doing that, they can also communicate with each other in more ways than one. The wireless charger unique IDs for devices that are shipped to track the level of energy in the battery and time to turn off the charging device mentioned. In addition, you will be able to know which featuring a larger screen and display the battery level for each device so that you can see the charging status in a jiffy.


Moreover, the phone can know to you a message warning you if the battery is charged enough to use the phone all day. note that this feature takes into consideration the habit of charging the usual appointments and meetings in your calendar entries to your.

Another report has been circulating indicated that it will launch wireless charging dock AirPower in early next year. Complex technology and advanced features used are the main reason behind this delay until now.



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