Patent for Samsung reveals the phone’s screen without the edges of the

Revealed the latest patent registered in the name of Samsung on the smartphone screen a great one in its interface and smaller ones on the back, which is the design interesting, you may think its A Samsung in one of its phones in the future.

The Customize screen background apps as useful as what we saw before with the LG phones V20 and and Pro 7, come screen the front without the edges of the almost, and there is also a scanner for the face and the only thing that appears above the screen apparently graphics are the earpiece and proximity sensor on the top edge.

Something else interesting is the lack of a headphone jack in diagrams own patent, but it’s the most exciting is the apparent lack of a front camera, can this design rely on a single camera background become a camera to capture images thanks to the second screen? Who knows.

However, you must keep in mind that patents do not in fact aimed at imaging device is coming, it can be used or not used in one or more devices in the future.

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