Patent for a new invention of Apple TV hint at the possibility of the return of the MagSafe computers MacBook

Apple MagSafe

Could be the connector the MagSafe one of the possible features that were missing on the computers of the MacBook from Apple. And for those who have not heard about this before, it’s basically a separate magnet is used in computers, Apple portable to ship it note that it allows easy separation of the laptop from the mainstream by pulling it gently. Moreover, he also provides additional safety for the laptop your.

We’re not sure whether Apple plans to bring this feature to the edges of the installed, portable or not, but the good news is that the company is still looking at the idea. According to the patent invention have been discovered recently, it appears that Apple recently got a patent for have connector-type MagSafe fitted at the same time to support USB Type-C, which is the connector used by Apple is currently charging the laptops.

What this means is that the laptop could in theory continue using the USB Type-C, but the adapter the MagSafe will still enjoy the story and magnetic fields. The submission of the patent this in 2017, which indicates that it was deposited the patent of these newly which means that the idea is still fresh in the mind of Apple. However, we still have to wait to see if the patent this will become real or not.

However, we believe that we can’t blame Apple for switching to USB Type-C, this is the new connector reduces the number of cables needed to connect various accessories. For example, you can connect the MacBook with an external display compatible using a USB cable Type-C, which eliminates the need to cable the HDMI cable separate power. Thus, this makes the whole setup looks clean as much as possible.


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