Patent for a new camera from Oppo

Not holding back for OPPO never about the experience of the design of smartphone cameras, and now discovered the site PriceBaba famous file a patent for OPPO Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which explains the mechanism of the camera side look like what it did ASUS 6Z, in a patent that reveals illustrations uninterrupted presence in the back of the phone, which features unit dual camera along with LED flash one, likely to be for the unit as described in the patent, an electronic mechanism, motorized can the heart of the beast up, even working as a front camera also.

The development of a mechanism similar to the camera by ASUS 6Z, which are used for camera module a reflection of the roundabout in order to create a full screen, added the ASUS improvements additional software may allow the user to extend the camera from the corners of the private, as well as also the closing of the camera automatically in the event of opening the unit and phone, although the patent for OPPO don’t remember these items, it is likely that discussion of these features only when the machine enters the production stage, not when the show charts the production of the patent, because this is not only patented, There’s no word concrete about whether you like this phone, OPPO will be up to production.

Innovations for Oppo on camera

Oppo تضع براءة إختراع لكاميرا جديدة قد تراها في هواتفها قريبًا

However, the Oppo among the first to adopt the mechanisms of a unique camera in its principal organs, has allowed for OPPO Find X sliding mechanism radical motorized work to hide the camera module, which received critical acclaim not only because it is happening for the first time, but also to build the overall outstanding quality of the product, continued for OPPO these initiatives with its brand Reno sub that has been put forward recently, which provided a model of fins of sharks pop up that hide the tools in the camera, with the presence of such innovations already, It is still possible to see whether the Oppo devise more options regarding the cameras.

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