Passwords of millions of users of Facebook, revealed to staff

If you are developing a Facebook or instead, you may want to think about changing your passwords, especially after having admitted to police that she left millions of users ‘ passwords without encryption, which allows staff to access.

Discovered security flaws in systems, allows to store passwords in a file unencrypted, which is not normal, so that passwords need to be stored in encrypted files, the company said that there is no evidence that the passwords may have been accessed by anyone from outside the company.

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The company said it discovered the problem during a security check in January, so that the login systems your company’s social designed to hide passwords using techniques to make them unreadable, while the problem presented passwords up to 600 thousand users at risk, with the possibility to inform the 20 thousand employees of the company.

The company said it intends to notice all of the users who revealed their password need to change, and that includes the millions of users of the version Lite, in addition to the users of the master copy and the application insert.

Anyway, we recommend changing the passwords for your accounts on the applications of Facebook.

Source: Facebook

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