Partnership with Tether is vital to the ecosystem. The opinion of the General Director of Tron

Tron Foundation and its leader Justin San recently regularly seen in the headlines. This is due to a number of new partnerships of the company and release updates. One of the big news — the launch of the TRC20-stablein Tether USDC on the blockchain Tron. Recently, Justin held a live broadcast, during which he explained why cooperation with the Tether, it is vital for the end user.

According to him, it opens up to lay people a way to cryptocurrencies. And the trust factor to the Tether plays an integral role in building positive attitudes.

Unlike Bitcoin and Everwine, Tether 100 percent pegged to the dollar. It is very important that ordinary people had the opportunity to use their dollars to trade cryptocurrencies.

According to the San, the dollar is infrastructure for businesses. And if someone wants to get to know with cryptocurrencies, it should be possible to use for this dollars. But he acknowledged that people might be interested in USDT less than in BitTorrent-token BTT or on the news about the acquisition of the company BitTorrent. However, the San reiterated the importance of cooperation with Tether for the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies in General.

To encourage people to use the USDT on the blockchain Tron, the company has prepared rewards for early users for $ 20 million. In addition, the adoption will have a positive impact and listing almost all cryptomeria.

According to preliminary information, the incentive program will begin in late April and will end on August 7th. It is primarily intended to encourage users to migrate from network Omni on Tron.

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