Particle Live Wallpaper — live Wallpaper for Android + pocket-stress

Life does not skimp on the reasons for stress. They are waiting everywhere: at work, school and even in the family circle at home. To avoid them is unlikely to succeed, but to overcome it easily. This will help Particle Live Wallpaper. The app will fascinate the likeness of a kaleidoscope and will not dwell on the difficulties.

What is hidden in the title. “Particle” is translated as “particle”, so the app get a nice animation of small colored flecks. They scatter across the display to form different shapes. Looks nice.

Particle Live Wallpaper operates in two modes: demonstration of animation and live Wallpaper. In the first case we get a separate image with which to interact. Particles fly after the finger and turn into a new form.

The content of the screen is adjustable in the settings. Here you can select the size of the particles, their quantity, color and other parameters. You can configure any detail.

Mode live Wallpaper “kaleidoscope” appears on the desktop. Play with it with your finger is also possible, and this applies not only to the main screen and menu. The main thing — casually not to offend too much icons.

According to the developers, Particle Live Wallpaper will help you to stay calm and peaceful. The app will give a lot of aesthetic pleasure from viewing the images and raise your spirits.

Application: Particle Live Wallpaper n Play
Developer: Rubbish Collector
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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