Parliamentary committee: UK not ready to stop the devastating cyber attack

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لجنة برلمانية: المملكة المتحدة غير مستعدة لوقف الهجمات السيبرانية المدمرة

Warned a parliamentary committee in the United Kingdom that the Cabinet has failed to act in the face of cyber threats increasing to critical national infrastructure, a term used by governments to describe the property necessary for society and the economy, where she said the Joint Committee on the strategy of national security it’s at a time when countries such as Russia expanded its capacity to wage cyber attacks devastating, it was the level of ministerial control in the United Kingdom wholly inappropriate.

The committee urged the chief ministers of the United Kingdom Theresa May Theresa May on the appointment of a minister for cyber security in the Cabinet to take charge of efforts to build the necessary national capacity, the commission also invited the government to give priority to the process of exchanging and sharing information ongoing collaboration on cyber attacks with the European Union during the talks Britain’s exit from the European Union.

She noted that the government had evaluated the attack electronically significantly on the infrastructure of the national life in the United Kingdom represents a threat to the first class of national security, with the devastating consequences of the potential, while the ministers explicitly recognized the need to improve the ability to adapt, has explained to MPs that the efforts of the ministers had failed in matching the level of risk.

The committee said: “while we commend the ambition, it is clear that the government does not meet what is required of them, and that the political leadership of the concerned non-existent, there is little evidence to suggest the mind is the controlling center of the government, which leads to change constantly across many departments and infrastructure sectors of national life.”

She added, “We are concerned that the current arrangements on the responsibility of the ministerial meant that the oversight of the daily efforts of government participation is led by officials, not ministers, and this is wholly inappropriate for the task facing the government, and other areas in the light of the assessment of the government itself that the cyber attacks a big threat to the national security of the first class”.

The committee welcomed the establishment of the National Center for cybersecurity NCSC as the technical authority of the National, but expressed at the same time expressed concern that expectations of what can be achieved by the center exceed the resources at his disposal.

She noted that the emphasis of the latter on the regulatory regime of not directly to the government itself, but from the acceptance of the United Kingdom regulations on the level of the European Union, and that ministers need to do more to change the culture of the operators of critical national infrastructure in the private sector to ensure that addressing the threat of Cyber, with the realization that he needs to be managed proactively.

Said committee chairman Margaret Beckett Margaret Beckett: “it seems that the government is reluctant to speak more strongly, and continues to, by default, rely on market forces to determine the ability of the flexibility of the electronic operators, despite the recognition of previously of the failure of this approach, we were struck by the absence of political leadership for responding to this threat to national security high-level”.

The former foreign minister and chairperson of the committee is currently “the United Kingdom has been often during the past unprepared to deal with emerging risks, the government must be open about our weaknesses and to support measures that are commensurate with the seriousness of the threat to the infrastructure of the national life”.

The gate Arab News Technical parliamentary committee: UK not ready to stop the devastating cyber attack

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