Pantera Capital, Bitcoin is likely to overcome 20 thousand dollars this year

On Friday, experts commented on the growth prospects of Bitcoin. In their view, the uptrend will have to wait one month, because the drop rate got burned too many investors. Representatives of the hedge Fund Pantera Capital do not agree with the opinion and predict a significant increase before year end.

The Bitcoin exchange rate forecast to 2018

Employees Pantera Capital Management shared his thoughts in an April news publication. Experts say the rate of $ 6500 the low threshold of cryptocurrencies. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

The peak of the coins “likely” will exceed the level of 20 thousand dollars. This will happen before the end of the year.

To the statements of employees Pantera Capital must be treated carefully. In December last year, CEO Dan Morehead has promised the fall of the main coin twice. The prediction came true, and subsidence was more important.

After reduction of rates Dan made an interesting statement, which hinted at the need to be purchased.

If you can buy a 7 thousand dollar that once cost 20 thousand, it’s probably a good deal.

I hope to end the protracted correction and the transition to growth. To achieve a rate of 250 thousand from Tim Draper we have four years.

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