Pangolinminer released Whatsminer M10 — ASIC for mining Bitcoins. Compared with Antminer S9i

A week ago Innosilicon presented A10 ETHMaster. ASIC designed for mining Ethereum, available in three versions on 365, 432 and 485 MH/s and has a small power consumption. Innovations now boasts Pangolinminer. The Chinese manufacturer showed two models: Whatsminer M10 for SHA-256 and Blake DCR for 14r.

Features Pangolinminer Whatsminer M10

Whatsminer M10 from Pangolinminer supports the hashing algorithm SHA-256 and is suitable for mining Bitcoin or BCH. Sending the device is scheduled for September 20 — this explains the lack of photos. Fortunately, the characteristics are already known.

Algorithm: SHA-256;
suitable coins: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash;
technology chip: 16-nanometer FinFET Compact;
Hasrat: 33 TH/s ± 6%;
consumption: 2145 W ± 10%;
dimensions (l x W x h): 385 x 130 x 230 mm;
weight: 8.5 kg;
operating temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius;
guarantee: 180 days from the date of dispatch;
price: $ 1888 (price without discount — $ 2,000).

The official site is available at the link. A Russian version for use not recommended — it was done through an interpreter. “Bitcoin Miner” has become a “Bitcoin miner” and the company slogan was the phrase “Never settle for mining technologies”. Sounds convincing.

Features Whatsminer DCR

DCR is working on an algorithm Blake (14r). The shipment is scheduled for 20 November, so for now consider the profitability of the device makes no sense.

Algorithm: Blake (14r);
suitable coins: Decred;
technology chip: 16-nanometer FinFET Compact;
Hasrat: 44 TH/s ± 6%;
consumption: 2200 W ± 10%;
dimensions (l x W x h): 385 x 130 x 230 mm;
weight: 8.5 kg;
operating temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius;
guarantee: 180 days from the date of dispatch;
price: $ 3888 (price without discount — $ 4,000).

The profitability of mining on Whatsminer M10

The numbers traditionally obtained on WhatToMine.

Select the desired algorithm, the input features and the resulting profit.

Get a little less than 8 dollars profit when mining BTC and BCH. Per month — $ 230. Also on the list is NiceHash and LitecoinCash (LCC).

Return Pangolinminer Whatsminer M10

Divide the stock price for maximum profit. A little more than eight months on return on investment. If during this time the rate will increase, investment will return faster. Considering all the talk about the launch of the ETF, this option is quite likely.

Compared with Antminer S9i

Take the top-end configuration Antminer S9i.

Input characteristics: 14 TH/s and 1320 W.


2.27 dollar a day and 68 dollars per month.

And now compare. Today S9i asking 654 of the dollar. To compare two miners believe how much it costs us one dollar profit per day: divide the cost per day profit. In the case of Whatsminer M10 get 245 dollars, and with Antminer S9i — 288. In the long term model Pangolinminer seems to be more advantageous.

Where mine cryptocurrency?

Mine Equihash and Ethash coins we recommend 2Miners. The pool maintains 17 coins, and as for PPLNS, and SOLO. We have stable payouts and more than 7,000 miners online. In addition, an area suitable for ASIC miners.

Settings Antminer Z9 and Z9 mini are here. If you Innosilicon A9 ZMaster, look here.

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