Panasonic launches line of washing machines designed for operations

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‏‏باناسونيك تطلق خط الغسالات المصممة للعبايات‏

Announced Panasonic Panasonic launched a new line of washing machines is specially designed for washing abayas Abaya Wash, which hosts Arab women in the context of the company’s commitment to the firm satisfied its customers in the Middle East, and includes the new line of seven models, five of them fully automatic front loading NA-S178, and NA-S128, and NA-S107, and NA-S085, and the NA-127MB2, two top-loading NA-F130/150, with the provided programme for washing “smoothly” To maintain the softness of fabrics, dusters, and step Panasonic’s commitment since its inception about a century ago contributions to society, the positive development of Panasonic products to meet the needs of local markets without thinking about the Cold range and quality of the Japanese unrivaled.

Said Hiroki sweet, general manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa: “we have been through our long march to deliver innovative products that improve people’s lives, which is the backbone of the success of our company. We will continue to provide our products with local character and quality of the Japanese is as expected from the sign of a leader such as Panasonic.”

Centered marketing campaign of washing machines designed to work processes, which carry the logo of the “shooting break”, about the perception of the brand Office of the ferry as one of the most important components of the wardrobe of Arab women and one of the leading elements of the expression of its personality, where you live Panasonic the uniqueness of each worship with all strands of street and ornamental, making them a true reflection of the identity and taste of the owner.

Included washer new design possible cleaning dusters, all softness and kindness, tries to hand washing, or even more gentle, in order to maintain the fabric and details as possible, also reflect the advantage of “wash the burden of the” Panasonic’s commitment to developing innovative solutions at all times.

Commented Keisuke Nakagawa Temple, director of consumer marketing I have a Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa on this point by saying: “this feature represents evidence of our commitment to innovation and trade permanent, as we attach great importance to the design of the packaging operations, acid sensitive ensure to wash them with mastery and care, as well as the possibility of using it to wash any clothes of a similar nature”.

And washing machines and new added value to any home, with its advantages and competing appropriate for different types of clothing, such as the tub and its source is undulating, pulsating double feature, and the pause and add clothes without the need for the washing cycle, as well as a five-star rating pilot in the UAE in terms of the rationalization of energy consumption, this washing machine with a warranty of 10 years on the engine to ensure more peace of mind for end users.

Is available line washing machine Panasonic equipped with washing Dusters have selected areas in various parts of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.

The gate Arab News Technical Panasonic launches line of washing machines designed for operations

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