Palm will surprise: revealed the appearance and characteristics of Palm Pepito

Palm is known to many for its amazing and revolutionary phones. In 2011, the company promoted the gestures and only 7 years later, manufacturers began to use them.

The Palm Pre 3 was the last phone company. He was presented in 2011:

Mind you, even then, the company has used trend rounded corners of the display. Yes, the display itself did not have physical curves, but the idea was clear.

In 2018, the Palm will again try to create a revolution that has long been brewing. The market needs a new player. Colleagues from AndroidCentral has published exclusive information and an image of the expected smartphone Palm with the code name “Pepito”. The final name of the device will, of course, different. Pepito looks as follows:

Intriguing, isn’t it? Most surprising is the shell, which is very different from iOS and Android. It is very similar to the Watch OS from Apple. But a watch and a smartphone are two different things. Yes, but not in the case of Pepito, because the smartphone, according to colleagues, will be equipped with 3.3-inch full-HD display. And in this case, such interface is very advantageous.

Pepito will get a battery 800 mAh, Snapdragon 435, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. For such dimensions iron frankly powerful and HD resolution of 3.3 inches will provide a clear picture. Work smartphone will be on Android 8.1.

Palm Pepito now be called the most unusual smartphone this year. The device has a competitor Jelly Pro from 2.45-inch display, but in his case the shell is not optimized for such a small diagonal.

Very intrigued by the guys from Palm. Waiting for more details.

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