Page – the emergence of exclusive for the new Apple TV alternative AirPods in black !

Noted previous reports to the work of the Apple on the version of the wireless version of the headphones sports Powerbeats soon, and now with the announcement of iOS version 12.2 revealed pictures of the new heavens which are called the Powerbeats Pro .

ظهور حصري لسماعات آبل الجديدة بديل AirPods باللون الأسود

Appearance exclusive for the new Apple TV alternative AirPods in black

Like new headsets headphones Powerbeats traditional, but without having any wire connection between the two speakers just like Need, also come new heavens with Box Shipping small look just like the ones that come with the AirPods .

The reports have also indicated that the Powerbeats would include the same chip the H1 that has been upgraded and is present in the AirPods 2 , and now it has been confirmed that the headphones PowerBeats Pro new Will the “Hey Siri”, just like the AirPods 2 new that were released last week.

Finally, the price Powerbeats Pro new unknown yet, but we hope to come at a price cheaper than need current, but from the pictures and the details in the top are going to be headphones Powerbeats Pro New Black The New substitute for the AirPods that come in white only?

How about in headphones Powerbeats Pro new? And you’ll do it for AirPods for? Share with us what you think in the comments.

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