Page – night mode-up to Assistant the Google Digital Google Assistant !

According to the latest new reports from the site 9to5Google, Google began to test a new update to her assistant smart Google Assistant (version 9.5) with a special mode for lighting the night (Dark Mode) .

Includes a new status card information, and the page record of questions and answers, and that you know orders Google Assistant voice possible, however, refers the website to the new format for the investigation is still under development, where The Voice Clips is full of tabs, and different application.

Google Assistant is not the first service Google offered the situation of the night, it already has YouTube and Google Maps Messages Android.

Although Google did not announce it officially, but they take the idea of adding Night Mode to their applications seriously, which would reduce battery consumption by up to 60% on the phones screen OLED, because the pixels that display the Black color is stopped effectively.

Finally, this news came a few days after detection company XDA Developers for having put Lily in an early version of the Android Q.

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