Page: how to create stickers for WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

The application of WhatsApp, which depends on more than 1.5 million people around the world recently allowed adding sticker packs external, so we note the proliferation of apps ready-made stickers in the app stores. But here, the pride of the method of transforming any photo into a poster ready for use in any conversation to the application Whatsapp, whether on Android or the iPhone.

Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android

The application Sticker maker for WhatsApp the best options available to the user of the Android platform, where it allows to select any element in the images manually to isolate it from the background and turn it into a poster, which would be perfect if you have a cell phone by the number, and if it is not, you can specify the element in the form of a circle or a square .

Explain step-by-step:

After you install the app and open it, click on the option to create a package bundle stickers New (Create a new sticker pack) facade.

After that, enter the name of the package author the name of the just created, then click on Create Create.

Click on the package labels which you have created just now.

After that, you will be taken to a page with many windows green, in the first place choose the image of the package label, the rest of the photos under it are stickers, so click on any empty place to add the sticker.

Moving to a new page with three options you can insert an image, directly from camera, from photo gallery, or from another file, such as file transfers.

After choosing the image, you can select them manually or in the form of a circle or a square cut, or choose to convert all the images to the poster.

After selecting the image the way you want it, you’ll know initial sample of them, you can confirmed converted to a poster or retry.

Choose to Save the Sticker to save the label if you’re unsure, add other stickers in the same way, after the completion click on the Add to whatsapp and the bottom of the screen to add the pack of stickers to WhatsApp.

Tops definitely add stickers to WhatsApp, clicked on Add in the pop-up window.

Now, head to the WhatsApp, and click on the form anymore where to write, then click on the icon labels, and package labels.

Create stickers for WhatsApp on the iPhone

Among the many options in the store app store, we can here apply theMyStickers, which features a design comfortable.

Explain step-by-step:

After you install the app and open it, click on the word Start.

Select the images in a folder your phone.

Create the name of the poster and the image of the symbolic.
Click on Confirm button Confirm.
The preparation of posters successfully!

Click on the Add button under Account and you will be redirected to the application.

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