Package applications Google Android may cost the companies$ 40 per phone in Europe

حزمة تطبيقات قوقل على أندرويد قد تكلف الشركات 40$ لكل هاتف في أوروبا

In a precedent in the history of the company, reports emerged about Google imposed fees on manufacturers for Android phones conditions of the services of their applications operating on the system in Europe due to prevent the European Union to install those apps already for violation of the laws of occupation and Privacy.

It was not clear how the value of the fees until you uncover the site The Verge according to documents obtained by that the phone actually will cost the company$ 40 to provide the Application Store Play Store and some applications accessories, which is not a price of a simple decision individually or when the groove into account the number of units produced, it is obvious that the value of the station according to the type of device and the region of the organization price won’t be fixed, where it is expected that the application of the decree of the Google New after the first of February of the next year.

According to the site, citing a source close to the companies will not be compelled to accept this price is mandatory, where the company will separate agreement, to cover the costs of the new licenses with the manufacturers, if you want to install other search apps in addition to chrome, and Google from the party on this side.

Will vary fees in the European Union to divide them into three layers, where each of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands have the highest percentage Fees, Where will you do$ 40 on devices that state that thoroughly enjoyed more than 500 ppi, compared to the services of Google, the devices with a resolution of 400 – 500 ppi charges 20$, less than 400 ppi will be 10$ as well as hardware related specifications low fees will be absorbed by the services Google host 2.50$.

And the new decision from Google after fined by the European Union regarding the cases of violation of laws and disrespect. apps search and Chrome, with the fine limit of$ 5 million.

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