P20 Pro and Huawei Honor 10 — the best smartphone of the year by EISA

Different rankings are always interesting and informative. First, you can evaluate the point of view of experts and professionals in a particular area, and secondly, it is possible to find something new.

Here, for example, there is a European Association magazines on audio – and video equipment (EISA). And she has published a list of the best mobile devices this year. I suggest to you to read it and maybe find something new.

Thus, four mobile, two headphones, two speakers and a couple of other devices. Let’s start with the smartphones. Ze best of ze best called Huawei P20 Pro. Let me remind you that the European Association, which is quite significant. Looking ahead, there is still Honor there.

In General, P20 Pro was appreciated for its design, screen and of course the camera. Here hardly anyone would argue about the fact that Huawei has made a small revolution, and yet no one could even come close to the zoom and night shooting at P20 Pro.

10 Honor was named the best in category LifeSyle. Take it as you want, but loosely can be translated as “most fashionable” or youth. Nokia 7 Plus rather unexpectedly called the best in the Consumer Smartphone category (consumer mobile). It is clear that they consumer, but it does mean the best for the average consumer, not ready and not willing to overpay for fashionable and breakthrough chips. Well, yet another mobile — Noa Element N10. It was named the best purchase for your money, but I thought I heard.

Now for other devices. Six:

  • JBL Xtreme 2 is the best potratila column
  • JBL Endurance Dive is the best wireless in-ear headphones
  • N700NC AKG best headphones noise cancelling
  • Pioneer XDP-02U — best mobile audio player
  • iFI Audio xDSD is the best portable DAC/amplifier
  • LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 — the best smart column

Please tell me who that is?

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