Oxygen OS vs stock Android Pie 9: comparison

Why do we so often think about buying Google? Probably the reason for this is pure Android. I think it makes no sense to talk about all the advantages of the system from Google. Secondly, frequent and fast updates. No smartphone do not update as quickly as the smartphone Pixel. However, recently some manufacturers have reduced the maximum gap in time. By the way, the beta version of Android P was available a number of devices at the same time with the Pixel 3. Among them was the flagship OnePlus.

This company often compared to Google and not without reason. Smartphones OnePlus is working on OxygenOS original shell. This add-on stock Android. Many prefer this version of Android because of functionality and speed.

Go directly to the comparison of the two shells.

Feed or widgets?

In OxygenOS when you swipe to the right will open a window with widgets, in the case of Pixel, we meet a Google Feed. It is difficult to say which solution is preferred, both options are equally useful.

Less unnecessary actions

In OxygenOS swipe up opens the app menu. Pixel displays the first window multitasking, and then when you re-swipe to the apps menu.

Menu latest running apps

This menu on OxygenOS looks neat. Pixel junk 3 shows the bottom panel with applications and search.

Navigation bar

Cover from OnePlus allows you to change the navigation bar. There are 3 options: buttons, stock solution, and gestures, by analogy with the iPhone X.

Quick settings

OxygenOS allows you to quickly navigate to the General settings in the blind. On stock Android you need to swapnote twice.


Dark theme will appear only in Q Android, but owners of OnePlus are using it now, and all thanks to OxygenOS.

Game mode

In the shell the Chinese even has a game mode. Using it during the game, you can disable nuisance alerts and increase productivity.

Cloning app

By analogy with MIUI OxygenOS allows you to clone a supported application.

And that OxygenOS? Answers leave in the Telegram chat.

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