Owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 complained of display problems

Some instances of the Apple Watch, the fourth generation may suffer from uneven illumination that distorts the displayed image and the interface elements of the operating system. This drew the attention of the users of the website Reddit, independently from each other creating a few dedicated to this subject topics, each of which scored a few dozen positive reviews.

Best of all defect is seen when displaying black or dark gray of the Wallpaper, which becomes clearly visible gradient transfer, is absolutely unacceptable for the organic panels. Due to the fact that the OLED screen is formed of hundreds or thousands of individual pixels, each of which is illuminated independently from each other, this problem may be more typical for the low-quality LCD-matrix with the physical illumination.

Where did the problem

It is not known how widespread is this problem. However, to date the topic of the problems with backlight on the screens of the Apple Watch Series 4 are among the most popular on Reddit, indicating a more or less common nature of the defect. Another question — causes of the origin of the problem. The user reviews differ. One Apple without question changes the clock to the new, referring to the marriage, while the other offers just to wait for the next update.

Last autumn with a similar problem faced by owners of iPhone XS. If you believe the provided photos on the screens of smartphones was observed unnatural gradual transition, nivelirovali the main advantage of OLED panels. Despite widespread problems in Cupertino found it common enough to begin to sound the alarm, and therefore chose to ignore most of the reviews, responding only to the elect.

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