Owners of the Apple Watch can now delete some of the core applications with the advent of the second beta of watchOS 6

With the demo version of the second operating system watchOS 6 for the Apple TV, users can now delete (some of) the core applications of their watches, which allows owners of the Apple Watch from the Home screen Organization for applications for the first time.

Been reporting this add-on by the website TechCrunch last month, but the procedure was not effective after in the demo version of the second. As of the second beta that was released earlier in the day yesterday, this has become possible now.

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To delete applications on the Apple Watch the Apple Watch, make sure you are in grid view and press and hold on the app icon to enter to vibration mode. Apps that can be deleted to be specified button (x).

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Can’t delete all the core applications in the past. In the demo version of the current, the can delete Camera Remote وNoise وTimer وStopwatch وAlarms وBreathe وWalkie-Talkie and asset tracking Tracking and ECG وRemote now Play radio.

If you delete an application, you can re-download it again through the App Store.

Could allow Apple to remove some apps to the other core by the time of the issuance of watchOS 6 everyone in the fall.

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