Owners of smartphones on Android and iOS become more loyal

Users are less likely to change smartphones, this has led to a drop in sales in the phone market, what are write a. But I wonder not only that, if you evaluate the loyalty of owners of iOS and Android, it appears that both sides are becoming more loyal to their ecosystems. A new study by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), which was attended by 500 people in the US, showed that Android owners are loyal to 92%, and iOS users at 91%. The difference is minimal, and for 2018, iOS has managed to catch up with Android.

What is “loyalty” towards operating systems? This is when a person, owning an Android smartphone is a new device that runs on Android

A sample of 500 people in the US think is not very objective, given that Apple sales are falling, and growth dynamics of iOS above. In this chart the company’s sales would have to go up as the iOS users would not switch to other system. Of course, it is likely that many of the high prices simply do not dare to buy a new device, so be objective in this situation is difficult.

Another interesting fact is that in 2014 Android on this indicator ahead of iOS. And this despite the fact that Apple is on presentations claims on absolute customer satisfaction with its products. Of course, I’m exaggerating, but, for example, our colleagues from AppleInsider wrote about it not so long ago. In 2018, the degree of satisfaction of iOS users was estimated at 83 points, placing first in the ranking. But can this generally be if Android owners more loyal even in 2014?

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