Owners Gear S3 again complain about unreasonable discharge

Owners of the Samsung Gear S3, which are recognized as one of the best smart watch along with Apple Watch, was faced with an extremely quick discharge of the battery. It is reported resource PiunikaWeb, specializing in tracking of bugs and failures in the mobile device, with reference to the technical support forum Samsung. According to the users who reported the problem, since their clock runs out in a few hours for no apparent reason, while previously their autonomy could reach two or even three days.

The problem of premature discharge is manifested as on the classic and sports versions of S3 Gear, but only affects a limited number of devices, the authors PiunikaWeb.

The service representatives of Samsung, in turn, speculated about the causes of the incident and provide a standard set of advice to remedy the situation. The most common of them is to return the device to factory settings, and then discharge the battery to completely turn off and charge to 100%. Needless to say that no one reported the problem this Council has not helped.

How to increase the time Gear S3

The answer to this question is only one: to wait for the updates. A similar incident occurred about a year ago, when several hundred simultaneous users complained sharply the autonomy of the Gear S3. Then Samsung failed to timely correct the problem, releasing an emergency update Tizen OS, which has increased the time of work hours to the same indices.

This time, however, the impression that the developers of the company, though aware of the problem, but don’t have the slightest idea about the reasons of its occurrence and ways of elimination. This is clearly indicated by the statement of the moderators of the official forum support Samsung, urging users to be patient and wait for the next update, the timing of release of which, however, are not called.

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