Owners Galaxy S10+ massively complain about loss of signal LTE

The high price of the smartphone is not always a guarantee of absence of all kinds of failures and faults that may occur during operation. This proves not only the iPhone XS, whose owners for that month complaining about problems with LTE, but the Galaxy S10+, which ironically there is a similar shortage. As found by AndroidPolice, some instances of Galaxy S10+ may suffer from problems with signal reception of the cellular network that result in interruptions in the operation of many applications tied to the Internet.

Judging by the abundance of complaints, the problem of the reception signal of the LTE network is quite common and is likely not dependent on a specific operator. In any case, failures are observed for the subscribers of many well-known cell phone providers. This fact allows us to assume that the problem lies in the smartphone. Another thing that is not clear whether it has the software with the hotfix update or stems from the shortcomings of the hardware.

Galaxy S10+ loses connection

At the time of posting on the issue responded only American operator Sprint. Its representatives acknowledged the existence of a failure and promised to release an update with a fix, which, however, will be only for contract copies Galaxy S10+. However, if the problem is of software nature, we can expect that the manufacturer deigns to release an update that will establish the work of LTE networks observed in several regions at once.

On the other hand, studies show that Galaxy S10+ may lose the network connection at the wrong grip. It is necessary to block the palm side faces of the smartphone, squeezing him harder, as he begins to show a decrease in the level of the received signal. Same issue, dubbed antennagate in his time was observed on the iPhone 4, which Apple was forced to release a special bumper that prevent the blocking of the antenna.

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