Overwinter is coming: what to expect from the zcash for hard forks?

The zcash for hardwork will take place in a matter of hours. The event was called Overwinter and will happen at 347 500 block, according to Bitcoinist. Upgrade anonymous cryptocurrency blockchain will increase the security of an existing Protocol for future updates.

Zcash For Overwinter. What is it?

Overwinter will be the first hardforum zcash for. The event will happen on the 500 block 347. Production of one unit for 150 seconds, to hard forks is a few hours. The update is positioned as a starting point for further upgrades of the network of cryptocurrency. One of them is a Sapling, scheduled for the end of this year. It should become a fundamental upgrade to enhance network scalability.

According to the report on the website zcash for, Overwinter is already supported Binance, Bitfinex, Gemini, Poloniex and other exchanges. Updated list of third parties with support for hard forks can be found on the webpage of the coin. If you keep zcash for on the stock exchange or purse, make sure that they maintain Overwinter.

The owners of Autonomous zcashd must use it with all the latest updates. They are set automatically only if you do not make any other changes to the client configuration. In any case, if you want to be confident in the safety of your money, do not send the transaction zcash for the first hour after hard forks.

If Overwinter do not receive adequate support in the community, hardwork can result in separation of the circuit blocks and the creation of a new cryptocurrency. However, such a scenario is unlikely.

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