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For to phones today and how its development makes us wonder now and then what next? Who says there won’t be new, and will remain as is and what will happen is just improvements. The truth is that developments bring New won’t stop as long as life. A decade ago we didn’t imagine the form of our phones today. It also had the same question, What next? With the passage of time, surprise US tech companies, thanks to scientific research and tireless, with the new technologies make the concept of those phones with regard to being a devices doing a computer connected to the internet and able to run different applications. It has expanded the concept to include techniques miss out on a lot of computers and most advanced. In this article, take a look at the phones of the near future and their new product coming in the year 2019.

نظرة عامة على ما ستبدو عليه هواتف 2019

Cameras holes

After I took most of the smart phone companies luck of the sheet or extrusion flowing from the top of the screen and his various forms, it seems the acceptance of this form in its phones timidly. After grumbling many users of this format, companies began to take another turn and the concept even further. Where phones 2019 to screen pierced with a small hole that has a camera selfie. Lost Huawei announced already on the phone two on that hole, as did Samsung with phone Galaxy A8s. It is expected that the companies offer other devices in the same way. It will be the year 2019 is the year of phones flukes.

ID fingerprint built-in screen

What was seen yesterday on it’s a dream of the future become reality today. It was abandoned on the chin of the phone large because it contained a fingerprint. As well as abandon the place of insight behind the phone next to the camera that was known to satisfy the fingerprint. In late 2018 have been issued phones OnePlus 6T phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro Vision built-in screen. It will evolve it combine sensors optical sensors ultrasonic the most developed in the group of phones, 2019 linked.

Sea funding

What that principle is prevailing since time is a tradition. Will be more phones in 2019 similar to the cell phones of 2018 to a large extent in terms of design, structural metal and dark glass. Will this rectangle the Smart Touch is the prevailing design for phones, and there is little sign to change this design any time soon.

The cameras then cameras

It seems that smart phones is moving forward in its way to kill digital cameras single lens SLR and similar high-cost. After the cameras mono number of cutting-edge smartphones have been offering dual cameras, and then cameras the tripartite we are now going to cameras quartet, but we heard about the phones coming with hexagonal any phone has 6 cameras! Need some of those cameras to zoom up to 10x with almost no distortion in the image. It seems that the next war between phones is a war of the cameras. Expect to see the use of what’s known as imaging a computer which relies on artificial intelligence for image processing instead of relying on visual processes. Imagine you have a high-definition image and women even if the lighting is weak.

Networks touch fifth-generation or 5G

Finally will be the launch of the technical communication networks of fifth generation or what is known as the 5G in 2019 the capacity of connection speeds up to 1 Gbps and possibly up to 8 giga bytes per second. But will be in the phones more expensive. The price of those phones that contain that technique to nearly $ 2000 almost. It is expected not to support the Apple that technique soon because it has not yet spread widely or because people need their phones longer than ever before for at least two years, as will come shortly.

Phones Chinese sophisticated affordable

If you can’t pay the vast sums exceeding one thousand dollars for a smart phone sophisticated. It is likely that there will be fierce competition by Chinese phones are the most advanced in the range of $ 500 roughly, like phone OnePlus, phones, Shawty high-quality, as well as phones Honor flagship Huawei.

Old phones lingers longer

Although there are phones giant and powerful in performance and high technical specification, but a broad and ever-increasing users keep their old phones for a longer period of time and do not want to upgrade their phones in the near future. Maybe they need those phones for more than two years or more. And cities with every new phone. For example, if you have iPhone 6s has been retained for two years and then you upgrade to iPhone 7 or 8 or X they would maintain efforts to maybe three or four years. He also pointed out that an opinion poll conducted by the website CCS Insight among a sample of consumers in the United Kingdom. Where demonstrated that 36% of people prefer to keep their smartphones as long as possible from their previous. This is one of the reasons for the high price of new devices. Where struggling to maintain profits because of lack of sales.

What about the flip phones are?

Certainly won’t be flip phones a thing of science fiction but will become reality in the near future, especially with unveiled some of those devices by Samsung during the months of the first phones in this area (Samsung revealed technical and did not know about the device) as well as told Huawei it would foldable phone. In general we hope that the concept of Acceptable Use and development. Worth noting that Apple filed a patent yesterday to herald the coming of the telephone retractable inside and outside and not inside. just as in the case of Samsung. But we remind you that Apple usually register patents in order to save their right to enter a particular area does not mean that it will be a device based on the patent or at least in the near term.

What do you think about the current trend for smartphones? What would you like to see in smartphones in the near future? Tell us in the comments.


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