Overview headphone Audio BR5 Mk2 Rose — Bed of Roses

Sometimes the Chinese manufacturers still know how to surprise. If not always a subject of wonder becomes the perfect sound, but it’s much better than the faceless passing model. In General, the hero of today’s review Rose BR5 the second generation have something to show, and this is what we will talk today.

Overall, megadriver valves from China is no surprise, thanks to the efforts of individual brands, the radiators with the balanced anchor will soon begin to sell to the bucket and push wherever I work, so fans of the sound need to be removed, these deposits only in search of interesting models. Rose, being no longer a novice market, decided to stand out and make a model with a fairly unusual set of emitters: Knowles TWFK for the treble, midrange put ZSound 3300 series, and for the bass “rap” Knowles 22955 series. All this Packed in a nice case and put a price tag, at the time of this writing, amounting to $ 305. Call it the low price will not work, but compared to “branded” solutions Rose remarkably affordable.


  • Emitters: 5 × balanced armature
  • Impedance: 15Ω
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz – 28 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB/mW
  • Cable: replaceable silver-plated copper with MMCX connectors
  • Plug: 3.5 mm TRS

Packing and delivery

Box apparently quite standard: the bright cover of heavy paper inside the usual black cardboard primary packaging. It contains:

  • the earphones themselves
  • small plastic storage case
  • cable
  • a jar of nozzles: steam foam, steam duplancich, two pairs odnoplanovye
  • adapter for 6.3 mm

According to the jar containing the nozzle, the developers of the headphones more closely cooperate with manufacturers of cosmetics. However, the package have Rose in any case very good.

Design and comfortable wearing

Here, perhaps, more importantly, what bribe headphones of this the manufacturer design. Their corps made such a huge nod to the custom headphones, but are reasonably compact “external” part, which improves the probability of no problem to put them in her ears. Another unusual feature of this model is a long zvukovoy, stretching into the depths of the auditory canal of the wearer. This, by the way, due to the lack of large nozzles in the package — they just will not enter to the desired depth.

If your ears ready to accept penetration by zvukovojj these IEM (and as otherwise may be a seasoned audiophile?), you will get and comfortable to wear and very good sound insulation, superior average, but what else do you want? Besides the beautiful appearance, of course. With the last Rose really tried — it offers different design options faceplates and choice of colors. I stopped at a beautiful blue tree, it looks neat and flashy.

Shells made of transparent, which is good, because inside is something to see. The crossover is made with the “big” items, a full capacitor and a couple resistors look better than modern SMD-small things, and the sound, at least in theory, should be different for the better. Also deserves respect for what the developers have done three separate sound channel for each of frequency ranges, and even adjusted one of the bands with acoustic impedance. It all looks very impressive, looking at the headphones inside — very nice, although to explain this “what are you doing?” to others will not be so easy.

Of course, it was not the case without replacement wires. Rose used the MMCX connectors as the most popular on the market. Connectors, at least after a month of use seem to be reliable and provide good contact and fixing. Regular wire — soft and comfortable, it is not prone to tangling and hardening in the frost, the microphone effect is weak.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2, Astell&Kern, A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening, headphones were heated for 48 hours, changes in the sound it gave.

Judging by the elements of the crossover and the acoustic filter, the sound of this model has not happened by chance, the company’s engineers over him focused, I think that’s why the sound of the model is not mainstream: a little light filing with an emphasis on the upper mid frequencies, different volume and lightness. I met the same feedback that this model is very responsive to the cable replacement, which is not surprising when the impedance of 15Ω, but I personally have not experimented yet, limiting stock option.

This time I slightly change their habits and in the detailed description of the sound will go in the opposite direction.

Treble is a bit accentuated, I even met a few complaints of excessive brightness, but to my ears, the line of moderation BR5 Mk2 are not moving. I think first and foremost the participants depends on the source, and secondly, from a personal sensitivity to this part of the range. The underlined region WSC and treble IEM data provides a spectacular aerial feed rich in detail and overtones. Attenuation on the treble a little shorter than ideal, but still the speed characteristics of this part of the range is very decent, and “layering” them is possible, albeit at an average level.

MIDs (or rather part of them lying below VCC) due to the rise in wsch seems to be laid by the wayside, so aggressive music headphones may not have enough rage, but they were not created for such, their portion — more sophisticated works. Petitively Rose doesn’t go off in the cold and monitormost, typical of many valves, so midrange sound normal for the emotions, and the recording quality headphones are without excessive fault-finding. An imaginary scene — much more than the average depth and width, although the record and does not hold. The headphones were well positioned sources, giving high-quality recordings of the “holographic effect”. The separation of plans is also done at a decent level.

The bass is done in typical reinforcing manner. Is only one radiator, so the deep layers of the LF significantly attenuated quantitatively, however starting from the middle of the “lower bass” to complain about the bass not necessary, it is reinforcing fast and skillful. Of course, massive dynamics is not here, but the speed and textures will delight any lover of small nuances in the sound of the instruments.

Honestly, I don’t see much point in comparisons, since Rose BR5 the second generation have their own, not like other styles of flow, but without oppositions this review is clearly not complete.

Magaosi K5 (they Yinyoo H5) petitively Another model, which differs considerably smaller price tag and a different configuration of the emitters. A detailed review on it still to come, but as the hype around the model is great, include it here. Magaosi stand out a little more forward midrange and slightly deeper bass, but they very much lose on the treble, and the speed characteristics of the bass they have worse Rose. As “Roses” it is better to build the stage and position the instruments. In General, if Rose is an original, and not like other headphones, Magaosi is an attempt to make “universal” sound, so if you try my favorite culinary Parallels, it’s like cheese Dor blue against a Burger from a good fast food network.

Dunu DN-2000 and DN-2000J Hybrid models from Dunu came here solely from the similarity in price range. The limited version has a deeper bass, a more aggressive presentation of midrange and more delicate treble, sounding less natural. In General, cold monitormost against the more pretentious (or “compound” flow). Not the limited version is closer to “typical hybrid”: more massive bass at a slower speed, slightly more forward midrange, a bit more simple HF.

Campfire Audio. This model is, of course, cheaper, but still I have not lost interest in her love, so will briefly pay attention. “Comet” — more anthrocentric (we must somehow translate the English mid-centric), so they are more focused on the micro-contrast and detail but they treble less extended, and the bass a little more accent gets a little deeper, but slightly worse resolution.

Then there probably would have to be referred to medium-sized models of popular brands such as Noble Audio, Westone, Earsonics, and many others, but with them I still have not made the acquaintance, so that nothing about them can not say.


Headphones are sensitive enough, therefore the power of them is not needed, but thanks to their own taste flow, they are able to play even with some mobile phones (not all, though), but best of all they open with a neutral sources of the same type Cayin N5ii. With noisy players you can hear a bit of “background”, but noticeably less than with the same Andromeda.

Stylistically Rose BR5 Mk2 I would recommend that for jazz, vocals (especially female), good modern pop, classical with a small number of performers, not heavy styles of rock. The recording quality of the headphones is not critical, on a 10-point scale of “picky” points to 7, and then a stretch.

Of course, several musical examples, this review would be worse

Matt Simons — Catch & Release To begin with, let’s listen to the track, emphasizing the traditional strengths of reinforcing headphones. Great volume, easy melody, benefiting from the focus on SC, not straining, textured bass, than a good strong pop ballads like this one.

Miles Davis — Lift to the Scaffold and Released in 1958, the film “Elevator to the gallows” has largely become popular due to the soundtrack created by miles Davis. Of course, with the visuals this track is perceived even stronger, but by itself it is a wonderful example of cool jazz. Rose to such records is more than good: the volume, detail, and richness of overtones — what you need to dive into a deeply melancholic atmosphere.

Lou Reed — Walk On the Wild Side don’t even know if this track is called “song”, or is it more of a story, but in the case of Lou reed is a recurring question, to which the answer will be: “who cares?”. This “story” set to the music very suitable to the manner of filing of the heroes of today’s review, headphones emphasize bass and all those little nyuansik, which are saturated with the record.


Headphones beautiful, comfortable (well, for me at least) and original sound. To say that this is a universal model “for all” is an exaggeration, but their lovers in “Rose” there, and after a close acquaintance I understand these people.

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