Overview gaming mouse HyperX Surge

Came to us a gaming mouse from the company HyperX model Surge and we are ready to share this cool news.


Case HyperX Surge is made of smooth matte plastic. The upper part of the mouse is quite durable, it’s a little collects fingerprints, but overall the result is very good.

The sides of the mouse is made of rough plastic and even sweaty katonah fingers especially do not slip and do not collect a sea of mud, as it sometimes happens with rubber inserts.

The perimeter of the entire mouse has an RGB line with 32 separate LEDs that you can configure to your taste. The side buttons of different sizes and shapes making them easy to find in a complex mix.

The wheel HyperX Surge comfortable, it doesn’t crunch and it is quiet and clear. Below are two huge Teflon surfaces that provide a good slip. Cable length 1.8 meters fabric braid and with memory effect.

In the mouse installed Omron switches, designed for 50 million keystrokes. But most of all, HyperX Surge in the presence of sensor Pixart PMW 3389. Is the top sensor with a maximum DPI value 16,000 dpi. In addition, he has a great job with the height of the break and when you lift the mouse the cursor almost does not move. No mouse acceleration and smoothing movement, and during long-term use for this greatly used.

HyperX Surge weighs 100 grams and, given its small size, it feels slightly hard. Personally, I was comfortable to work and play with her, but here each individually.

Also worth noting is that the mouse supports new HyperX NGenuity. The application can configure the behavior of the backlight, bind macros, reassign keys, and update the device’s firmware.

As a result, HyperX got a great gaming mouse, virtually no fault anything. She’s got great materials, lots of highlighting, good switches, a top sensor and a nice price of$ 60. By the way, buy the mouse here: http://hyperx.gg/ZaddrotPSurge

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