Overpays or close? Review Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus

To become a “strong middling” in 2018, the phone should meet all modern trends. For $ 300-400 a user expects to get a large format screen with the current aspect ratio of 18 to 9, high-quality aluminum housing, good camera, a lot of any wireless modules, and have a good productive iron. The new Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, at first glance, almost completely corresponds to all these criteria. But what do we get in reality: a good competitive model or brand “overpays”?


Taking the phone in hand, you will immediately notice unusual, like A-series body style. Instead of the usual glass back in A6+ housing fully made of metal. Personally I was reminded more representative of the more affordable J-series.

In addition, the weight of the device is not the smallest, because that creates the feeling of a thick and heavy brick. But in fact, the thickness A6 Plus is quite standard for such SMARTS. Compared to Meizu Samsung 15 is only slightly thicker and Meizu is quite compact.

Otherwise, the phone fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the rounded side faces. Only the elongated form of the body sometimes doesn’t control A6 Plus with one hand to the corner of screen very hard to reach.

Fortunately, the front panel is devoid of monopoly, despite the aspect ratio of 18.5 to 9. This is only for the benefit of the phone, that would frame smaller it would be perfect.

But there are still the phone is one element that reminded me of a bloody cut on screen – plastic dividers antennas. Their shapes are very funny and like a very “useful” cutouts, which are so often found in modern phones. Pretty subtle trolling.

The cost of the phone and its positioning makes itself felt when it comes to details. For example, a tray for SIM-cards and memory cards, unlike the body, is made of plastic. Or use microUSB, which is quite strange to see in 2018 in such an expensive phone.

Of such trifles there is a General impression about the device and they make it clear that this is not the flagship. And, I almost forgot to say, the power key and the volume control too plastic.

No positive aspects here too, was not. The fingerprint scanner is successfully located and easy to find blindly. Only a few times instead of a scanner I got on the protective glass of the camera.

The speed of the scanner is not a record that can be annoying. But you can always become a “Guajira” and start using the unlock the face. This isn’t a bad thing, I personally went to use it in the car when the phone is docked in car holder and regular access to a scanner for fingerprints.

But the lack of lighting conventional scanner will be faster.


In terms of screen Samsung cheaped out and put a very good SuperAMOLED-matrix. Aspect ratio, as I said, the trend is 18.5 9 and a resolution of 2220х1080 points.

Out of the box the screen has good color and saturation. The default selection is a very discreet mode, but in settings you can enable “Glasvegas” saturation, if you like. In addition to the basic settings are the usual modes, such as, for example, a blue filter, which greatly reduces eye strain in the evening.

The viewing angles are standard for such matrices: if you strongly reject the phone, there is an effect of “rainbow”. But by cons it is hard to attribute, because at such angles no one uses a smartphone.

Well, the main advantage of SuperAMOLED-matrix – excellent black color and energy efficiency. Plus, like most Samsung devices, there is AlwaysOn Display.

The screen can display time, calendar and icons of the apps that have notifications. If the standard options aren’t enough, there is a separate app store, but there all paid.

So the screen is A6 Plus I liked it. It is a good panel where you can view pictures and videos.


But with the features here as that did not happen. The phone has an extremely simple and budget Snapdragon 450, video accelerator Adreno 506, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal.

This set allows the device it is normal to feel modern realities. Using the phone you realize that you are a mainstream solution, but the blatant lag or studdering interface I have not noticed. Applications work with a comfortable speed, you will not tell about games.

A simple Snapdragon 450 in “sweat” is working to ensure that the user had no problems and enjoyed the smooth animations, but reserve for future use had not. No matter how hard the manufacturer to optimize the firmware performance, the CPU is not added. And for 10 thousand hryvnia, I want to be sure that the phone won’t slow down after a couple of months and will run all modern games at least on medium settings.

So if you used to play on your device, A6 Plus is definitely not for you. The market is full of competitors with more efficient chips. But uninterested in mobile gaming capacity of this phone should be enough.

Of the amenities it is worth noting a large number of wireless modules, including NFC is very relevant. And it turns out that the additional “buns” a lot, and iron is weak.

About firmware and the original shell to talk for a long time makes no sense. The phone uses Android 8.0, and the shell is exactly the same as in other Samsung smartphones.

Sound and autonomy

The external speaker is set up here on the side. On the one hand, during the game it does not overlap with hands, but on this phone you will not often play, and the sound in the phone is mediocre. A call you will not miss, but the music on it I would not listen.

With headphones the situation is better, but not much. There is no separate DAC, so the sound is normal, augmented with all sorts of software “flounces”. The lover is nothing to do here, but a regular user will be satisfied.

Autonomy, despite the rather capacious battery, not a record. Battery at 3500 mAh is enough for a day and a half of normal use. At moderate use it is possible to achieve two days. The only thing that remains unclear — how much he is charging, after all, native charger I had.


The trends of the time. Here, as in any other current smartphone, with a double main camera. The main module there are 16 MP with aperture of f/1.7, and a secondary 5 MP c aperture of f/1.9. The second module is set up here only because all and so fashionable. No optical zoom or a wide angle there is no secondary camera is used to blur the background.

Is a software blur, of course, over the last few years has been better, but seriously to use it except that on macro shots. After all, with such a focal length to do portraits — not really a good idea.

As for normal mode, then things are pretty weird. In good light conditions the phone in 90% of cases makes a good photo, only occasionally going over the top with extra sharp. But the remaining 10% of the shots – it is extremely weird white balance and mostly green tones.

Why is this happening, I was not able to understand. Maybe I got a problem instance. But the other photos are nice, however, budget Meizu M6s, which is two times cheaper, does exactly the same photos.

So what about the dominance over the competition in terms of camera then say no. It is not bad, but no more. And in the evening, despite the wide aperture, we get a mess, rough denoising and mediocre photos.

About the video quality, I can say that it is written in Full HD and without stabilization. Nothing of quality can not be expected.

Frontalka also knows how to “lather” in the background, and making it very neat. To be honest, the claimed 24 MP I have not seen here, and the focus is fixed, so you have to restore manually by moving the phone.


Before us is a typical “trend” of the phone Samsung. He has a good screen and a set of wireless modules, the normal camera, but all quite poorly on the hardware, and microUSB does not add pluses.

This model, like any other phone from A brand, slightly overrated, and for 10,000 you can find a more productive solution. And here everyone chooses for himself what is more important: brand or iron.

This phone is like not really big on the technology to people who can’t stand any of the Chinese. For them there cameras a lot, and NFС there, and the Samsung lettering on the body for many can be the deciding factor.

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