Overall sales for Nintendo Switch plans to the sales of Playstation 4 in Japan


Was Sony since a long time is the Japanese market when it comes to home games thanks to strong sales of the Playstation 4, but it seems that the company Nintendo managed to change centers. According to a new report released recently, it appears that gross sales for your Nintendo Switch now planning the total sales for Playstation 4 in Japan.

Show the latest statistics issued by the institution Famitsu specialized in market research that sales of the Nintendo Switch in Japan amounted to 8125637 units, while the sales of the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro community towards 8077756 unit in the same country. It’s certainly a wonderful achievement.

Those who are watching these figures in Japan won’t exactly knocked out by this. Due to the momentum of the spectacular which was enjoyed by the device Nintendo Switch since it was launched, it was realized analysts that it was just a matter of time before they give up gross sales for your Nintendo Switch in Japan, overall sales for the Playstation 4.

What is impressive is the short time that managed device will Nintendo Switch the interaction on the device Playstation 4 in Japan. As many of you may recall, it was the version of Playstation 4 in February 2014, while it is not the launch of your Nintendo Switch until the month of March of the year 2017. Thus, this means that your Nintendo managed to think on your Sony device, despite the fact that Nintendo Switch came to the market after three years.

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