Over the past year all the major voice assistants a little wiser

Here in April I was told immediately about the two major comparisons of modern voice assistants. Two different source compared Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

It turned out that the brainchild of Google is better than others in almost all modes, and Siri — an outsider. However, in both comparisons involved clever speakers, and Siri in HomePod severely curtailed in their capabilities.

Today there is a new study where we have compared a version for smartphones. It turned out that in this kind Siri is not so bad. For example, look at this table.

As you can see, first, all the AI has improved over the year in all parameters. Second, the percentage of correct answers Siri gave only Assistant, beating and Cortana, and Alexa. With regard to the understanding of all the helpers made almost perfectly, and is the product of Google and all showed 100% result. By the way, I note that assistants asked 800 of the same questions and tasks in five categories:

  • Local (for example, where is the nearest zoo?)
  • Shopping (for example, order me three packs of milk)
  • Navigation
  • Information
  • Commands (for example, to remind about the birthday brother)

In the diagram below you can see what the AI is like made in one category or another.

You can mark the lead Assistant everywhere except the last category, the failure of Cortana in the shopping task and the success of Alexa in the information category. Sorry, no Bixby, but I think the results would be simply disastrous. I am personally glad that all producers improve their assistants.

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