Over the past 14 years, the Google Store the passwords some businesses in a plain text file

Google Company

Is to determine the safety of the account via the internet by the strength of their password. If you want to use passwords such as ” 123456“, you won’t even need to pirate to find out. Of course, not only need strong passwords to be safe, the process also depend on the storage method as well. After all, if you don’t believe in the company’s way to strong and safe to store passwords of their clients, you will not face anyone who has access any problems reading those passwords.

You might think that a huge company like Google made strict security measures to protect the passwords of its users, but alas, not the case. According to Google, has revealed that some of the words Traffic customers Google G Suite has been stored by mistake in plain text, which means you won’t even need a special tool to read them.

What made this problem much worse is the fact that they happened to have been developed in the year 2005, and that the problem is not resolved until January of 2019. However, even though stored in a plain text file, it has shown Google they are still preserved behind the infrastructure encrypted, which means that they are still safe to some extent, though they suggest that both can get the encryption can read it.

Explained Google also that the problem has been solved since then and it did not find any evidence or signs indicating that there had been unauthorized access or misuse of passwords that were affected. To be safe, notified the company Google officials Google G Suite advised them to change their passwords. This is not the first time that you leave the corporate passwords of their clients is safe. In the past, the frequency that Facebook also stores the passwords of millions of users of Instagram in a plain text file.


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