Over the course of 10 years, flight full to the operating system iOS from Apple


When you view the “Steve Jobs” the first phone iPhone through the exhibition Macworld in January 2007, as a new surge in the global smart phone industry, has revealed the “jobs” at the time the first version of iOS, the following are highlights of the versions of iOS since its launch, highlighted the features included in each version of this version as follows:

2007: the launch of the first version of iOS, which has provided a feature “apps”, in addition to the multi-touch feature, icons applications.

2008: launch of the iOS version 2, as the abundance of this version of the App Store “August store”, and support anymore, and parental control.

2009: launch of the iOS version 3, which provided the advantages of copying, cutting, pasting, and Scout the video recording.

2010: iOS version 4, provided that the system quickly switch between apps, and FaceTime, and feature hotspot to connect to the internet.

2011: iOS version 5: provided the voice assistant will, sync and cloud, the emergence of music apps, support seemed within the system.

2012: iOS version 6, which saw the launch of the service Apple maps, and will add a panorama mode to the camera.

2013: the launch version of iOS 7, has seen the re-design of the entire interface, and the addition of control center, support car play, the feature airdrop and radio iTunes.

2014: version iOS 8, the launch of a new Hand off and Continuity, and Apple pay, support for the Apple watch and home kit.

2015: launch of the iOS version 9, which included the feature of Apple news and multi-touch three-dimensional the low-power mode.

2016: version iOS 10, brought together a feature giving Rise to wake, and a new concern, and improve communications.

2017: iOS version 11: to save the re-design of the Control Center, support for augmented reality apps, and photos of the new workflow.

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