Over picked know try locally to provide cloud solutions for SMEs in the UAE

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Announced the company over the holding of its cooperation with the company bexco technology, in order to provide the latest solutions for Unified Communications, contact centers, evaluating the safety and via the cloud for SMEs in the United Arab Emirates.

In the framework of solutions and cloud services backed by over Powered by Avaya, will be held bexco on marketing and selling unified communications solutions through the cloud UCaaS solutions to contact centers via the cloud CCaaS to help small and medium businesses in the UAE to seize the advantages of digital applications, under an agreement to pay fixed amounts per month are available for corporate expansion opportunities and they can enter into contracts as needed, and thus costs, and that business model is attractive for SMEs in particular in the light of the quest of many of them to abandon the systems and the internal processes that consume a lot of resources, Keep existing systems on the cloud which provides access to milk on demand, after that this was more available work for companies large size only.

This move comes at a time when the cloud is an effective tool for the growth of this category of enterprises and to enhance their role in the economy, and confirms many of the experts that the on this category of companies to include the consequences in the case of progress in the adoption of business models traditional proportion didn’t will have the costs of spoiler for her career development.

According to the last official indicators in the state, this category represents approximately more than 94 percent of the companies registered in the state, while the transfer of Gartner research that the spending components of this category in the Middle East and Africa on the cloud technologies amounted to about $ 1.2 billion in 2017, amid expectations of increase this amount to $ 2 billion by the year 2020.

Said Khalid Khan, Director of the sector of the cloud Markets is expected in over the Middle East, Africa and South Europe, Asia and the Pacific: “playing the digital transformation plays a pivotal role in re-shaping the work of the companies, and for SMEs, contribute to communication tools cloud-based in to facilitate staff members to remain in constant contact, enabling them to positively contribute to institutional growth, and our partnership with PLICSCOM commitment over service sector SMEs as a major engine of the economy of the Middle East today”.

For his part, said Xia enthusiasm to kiss, CEO of bexco technology: “companies are increasingly important tools for digital communication in order to enhance their competitiveness, which promotes the importance of providing IT applications technical reliable, secure and easy to place within their daily operations, hence the importance of the solutions offered by the PLICSCOM, with the support of over to prevent us the flexibility to work with our clients on the design of such applications and solutions, in addition to the guarantees provided by them to work with a leading company at the market level”.

Over picked know try locally to provide cloud solutions for SMEs in the UAE

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