Outlook Support Phone OnePlus 8 next year to address updated to 120Hz in screen

Noted new leaks indicate that the company OnePlus is planning to support the next issue, OnePlus 8 rate update 120Hz in screen, to experience in games to the users.

Moving company OnePlus on the launch of new versions of its smart phones with the level of pricing is good for the markets with the support of the group of the best possible, where it came to telephone company last OnePlus 7T Pro at a good price with a refresh rate of 90Hz, which is the rate provided in the custom versions for games of smartphones.

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I came to new leaks about the phone OnePlus 8 via PhoneArena, where it was pointed out that the phone OnePlus OnePlus 8 will come with support for refresh rate to 120Hz in screen.

It is expected according to these leaks to rival phone OnePlus 8 custom versions for games of phones like smart telephone Black Shark or Razer Phone, that offers a unique experience in gaming, with the expectations that this version also comes with the level of pricing is good for the markets similar to the versions of the previous company.


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