Outlook app on Android gets the advantage of blocking external sound

تطبيق Outlook على أندرويد يحصل على ميزة حظر الصور الخارجية

Got Outlook “Outlook” from Microsoft on the new update currently supports the Android operating system only, despite the fact that this update didn’t come a lot only to a new is extremely important, as the most notable new additions is to support the application the option of blocking external sound.

And of course this feature can be very useful for users with privacy, where you can use images to track whether emails had been read, which is valuable information to spammers.

With reference to this option is not activated by default, to activate it go to Settings app and then click on the account you want to enable the water in it, and you’ll notice by the text of the “External Images”, and as usual I got the app also on a set of general fixes and improvements in performance.

Finally and by the way, began to gimli in the display of images by default since years, but it turns on the privacy concerns of the potential by using proxy servers, and now download the updated Outlook go from here.

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