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Stay without ads will be the death of sex. Or at least, that’s what the representatives of the ad agency who discussed with the executives at Netflix the importance of introducing advertising to the service soon, or that others will start controlling stakes larger drive.

You ads are the solution to control Netflix on more market share and increase revenue? Service continued without ads since its launch, with service to more than 150 million subscribers, the company relies on the monthly contributions as a revenue source alone, while they do not provide free service as some competitors, who provide them with display ads.

It is expected to add Netflix ads, because of the fact that consumers are getting closer than ever of the maximum value of a subscription could be paid, while the advertisements can give them the service free or at a lower price, just like Hulu that let subscription cheaper with the ads at the price of 5.99$ per month, while the cost of subscription-free ads 11.99$ per month.

Netflix raised the price of the subscription 4 times since the launch of the service, this jump in prices was not enough, and that’s why ads may be a source of Revenue important as a solution to save the company.

Source: CNN

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