“OraSaifu”.. smart wallet the safest in the world

“Horacio” OraSaifu is an e-Wallet the first in the world that includes all the functions a well-known e-wallet in one device, they are stored does not final for credit cards and accounts of the digital currency, which is the safest among similar products in save your privacy and secure your accounts against hackers and snoopers.

Besides, the portfolio “Horacio” OraSaifu insured 100% against harmful software and malicious, as it has anti-theft, the most ease in retrieval of data with one mouse click, and the card it 7 full days, and at full capacity within just one hour of connect it via any USB port.

Design portfolio, “Horacio” e-a screen of 4 inch, made to the structure of the aluminum, you store all the electronic accounts and credit (credit card), to be used as a substitute for all of them without having to carry it, it is password-protected enough to be entered 5 times accidentally close itself completely, wipe all data, in order to prevent to leak your data in case of loss or theft of your wallet.

Come wallet attached to another device is small, is called a “PIP” BiPal, on his way to retrieve all the data again with ease by communication technology NFC, in the case of lost wallet or stolen.

Successfully campaign financing portfolio, “Horacio” OraSaifu in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, it is estimated that up to supporting her by next October, is priced at 169 $ (3,000 pounds).

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