Oracle supports the vision, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 launch of the new innovation dedicated to accelerate the digital transformation

The company announced Oracle today announced the opening of the first Center for innovation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a move that reflects its commitment to support the strategic objectives of the Ministry of communications and Information Technology Saudi Arabia to achieve the objectives of the vision, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. The centre of the new task of supporting the process application of the latest digital technologies in business management public sector bodies and commercial enterprises and academic, and on top of artificial intelligence technology blocks Qi and machine learning Internet of things.

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This has opened the engineer Haitham Al-Ohali, Deputy Minister of communications and Information Technology in the kingdom, the center of a new innovation in the Office of Oracle in Riyadh, during an event which brought together dignitaries and executives.

He said the occasion “is the digital transformation of the central core of the kingdom’s Vision 2030. Send this to the editor in the shadow of everything going on around us of the level change in the global economy, the higher the momentum to keep the kingdom the industrial revolution of the fourth, as well as the high importance of the data that has become bear the title of “Oil New World”. He added: “There is no doubt that the process of spreading the culture of digital transformation will be from the growth and development witnessed by the kingdom, will be the components of the Saudi society to reap the benefits of opportunities that bring the digital age”.

H. E. engineer Al-Ohali keenness of the Ministry of communications and information technology to provide collaborative and seamless for all parties supporting the endeavours of the kingdom to become the centre of the digital largest in the region, said in this context: “we welcome the initiative by Oracle to create innovation center in Riyadh to support our vision of empowering entrepreneurs in technology to enter the digital economy ”

For his part, Rahman said the Golden title first vice president at Oracle Middle East and Africa and Central and Eastern Europe: “the digital transformation of the core initiatives of government strategy such as Vision, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and the programme of National Liberation 2020, the digital solutions contribute to the establishment of the infrastructure for the automated implementation of these initiatives.”

He added: “became institutions in the kingdom fully aware of the importance of digital transformation, and this was reflected clearly in the estimates of spending on ICT have IDC, which amounted to approximately $ 35 million in Saudi Arabia. I am confident that it will be the Center for Oracle Innovation a prominent role in raising awareness of the Technical Teachers in the Kingdom, and motivate them to innovate and support the development of the skills of the next generation of Saudi leaders.”

Said Fahad, the costs, the commander of the operations of the Oracle in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: “will centre the Oracle Innovation in sport the role of the organization the optimal experience of digital technologies and their application in the kingdom. The launch of the new centre, our declaration about the opening of a new data centre in the UK, and the US with major Saudi universities and centers of support to startups in providing a range of training programmes, the commitment of the Oracle deep to continue to invest in strengthening our capabilities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

It should be noted that Oracle work in Saudi Arabia for nearly three decades, and their solutions digital achieve digital transformation in the country at the level of the public and private sectors. One of the most important leading Saudi organizations which cooperate with Oracle in driving digital transformation in the kingdom: Saudi Telecom-Qura University, Nahdi Medical Company, Al-Zahran holding company, the Riyadh Metro, the brj, the Fitaihi Holding Group.

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