Oprah Winfrey provide details about its new partnership with Apple

The Apple today more than a declaration about its new services to broadcast the content, as it appeared many of the media personalities prominent during the conference, among them Oprah Winfrey that provided details about its new partnership with Apple.

Oprah partnership with Apple

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Service was Apple’s new broadcast video content and display channels and TV shows of the highlights of the announcements I made today during the conference, where the service estate monthly support users in access to the original content directly.

Has provided all of Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston a lot of detail about the service of Apple new, as over the events of the conference by the appearance of Oprah Winfrey to view the details of its new partnership with Apple.

Also confirmed that Apple on its partnership with the Oprah Winfrey display unique content for a period of up to several years, has indicated to Oprah in her remarks today to the TV show known as the Toxic Labor, coupled with the documentary more about mental health, as indicated by the opera to a new version of the book club that comes in conjunction with Apple, where it will broadcast interviews Uber with authors all over the world.


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