Oppo will be launching phone 5G dual situation before the end of this year

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Held company to Qualcomm’s annual conference, Qualcomm’s 5G Summit in Barcelona, Spain recently where the company confirmed that it will cooperate with the company for Oppo to launch a phone 5G dual situation. Mr. Henry Tang from the company Oppo that his company is ready to do the jumps following in the deployment of 5G technology will phone 5G dual mode in collaboration with Qualcomm in the market before the end of the year 2019.

Modem 5G dual mode means that the phone supports standalone mode ( Standalone Mode ) and Non-Independent ( Non Standalone Mode ). Uses the independent status of the frequency of 5G in each of the signals and transfer data without the need for LTE network Current. The situation is not independent of the other hand on the frequency of LTE for tasks such as the connection between cell towers and servers will be assigned to accelerate the deployment of 5G technology thanks to the low costs.

According to Mr. Henry Tang, has stated by saying : ” We hope to provide a solution of 5G duo status Super experience for more consumers in more markets worldwide, which makes 5G technology is readily available to a broader base of consumers all over the world “.

We still don’t have any official information on the telephone 5G bilateral legal status of the company Oppo. According to forecasts, will be provided this phone with Qualcomm 7250 coming from Qualcomm which will be the first processor 5G of police of the middle class. Due to that we are slowly approaching the end of this year, you should get more information soon.

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