Oppo used to detect camera provides optical zoom up to 10 times tomorrow Wednesday


Two years ago, I attended the company Oppo to the Mobile World Congress MWC 2017, but she didn’t know a smart phone. Instead, the company opted to reveal to us about the dual camera and the first in the world to offer optical zoom up to 5 times. Now, the company has become the Chinese willing to go even further, they started sending invitations to the media to attend a special event will be held by the company to detect new solution allows cameras smart phones provide optical zoom up to 10 times knowing that he will be holding this event in China on January 16.

Mode optical zoom x 5, the current depends on the principle of perspective, it basically uses five lenses, followed by more glass tilted at an angle of 90 degrees directs light to the camera sensor subject is vertical. At the other end, put the other camera technology supports to prevent vibration OIS, so that they work even when you use the optical zoom maximum.

And the Chinese sources that there is rare information currently, thus we are still not sure if the company Oppo will be launching a smartphone with this technique or you will just press this new technique. Given that we have not yet been able to see smart phones equipped with a camera that provides optical zoom up to 5 times, maybe we’ll see the technique of optical zoom up to 10 times per device initial.


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