OPPO unveils the first camera three provided rounding 10X

Revealed “OBO” OPPO, a well-known brand in the field of smart phones, recently unveiled on the technique of rounding to 10 times without quality loss (10X lossless zoom), during the “conference on the future of communications technology 2019”, held recently. Reported the official spokesperson of the company that this technology meet the commercial criteria, and are ready to enter into production, and is expected to review the OPPO this technique first during the Mobile World Congress 2019, MWC 2019, hosted by Barcelona, Spain during the period from 25 to 28 February.

Camera three and advanced the technique of rounding to 10 times the 10x zoom smoothly

In an effort to spread the new technique, developed for OPPO resolution of the camera of the tripartite which includes three cameras (camera a very wide angle; the main camera ultra-high definition; the camera zoom). Enjoying the camera wide-angle dimension of the focal reach 15.9 mm, which offers the unique ability to angle clear in the lens of the camera, while the main camera superior image quality and captured, while camera zoom far focal reach 159 mm, in addition to the property to capture the finest details of the original to support the installation of UHV, pick up total quality from far distances.

Innovation for OPPO is based on the camera, three powered by the doctor 10x lossless zoom

According to a press release, the cameras working three in a manner synchronized to enhance the advantages of each camera, improving picture quality in various stages of rounding down to the stage of rounding X to 10X on the fullest after the process of improving the image sequentially. To maintain image quality in all stages of the approximation, as added OPPO feature dual image stabilization during capture in the camera is the main camera zoom.

Technique original image more points.

In addition to the structure of the camera of the tripartite, the technical organization of the horizon (peso) initiated by the OPPO is an essential element to reach the maximum degree of training to 10-fold. Benefit design inspired by of peso of the width and thickness of the phone fully through the arrangement of lateral refraction of the group of lenses. Was sponsored by OPPO in the design of the phone providing space to the maximum extent possible, to the phone using visual components larger in size without compromising the appearance of thin, light-weight, thus enabling users to capture photos with zoom ultra.

In addition, use for OPPO Tests Benchmarking to drop the phone to ensure a nice camera module. Has been state of the phenomenon of the camera twice, including every time 10 thousand fell on the face of the phone and back, and 2000 times on the remaining four aspects, to be the sum of the tests for each phase 28 a thousand times.

OPPO launches a new generation of biometrics

Revealed company OPPO during the conference for another surprise, was the recognition technology fingerprint-scale, which is related to the distance increase by about 15 times on the Loop Current, where this technology enables users to unlock the phone or make a payment status of either anywhere in the designated area. And increases the expense of your fingerprint on the screen of the phone users to experience ultra-flexible, interactive and easy to use and ergonomic in the hand.

OPPO announces recognition technology fingerprint-scale during the session on technical communication

A technique to identify fingerprint of the broad range of the innovative features include input and approval concurrent with two fingers, which enhances the security of payments, and achieve a level of safety higher by about 50 thousand times for finger technique one. In addition, includes a new solution property “optical encoder”. In comparison with traditional processes that respond to doing two steps where the users must activate to apply the encryption before they can open the phone lock, you can activate all applications in the “zone of optical encoder” and approval and unlocked with a single click. Will be launched products equipped with fingerprint screen visual field through 2019, as explained by a spokesman of OPPO.

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