Oppo reveal the phone, Find X full-screen camera mobile

أوبو تكشف عن هاتف Find X بشاشة كاملة وكاميرا أمامية متحركة

The company revealed the oppo Chinese phone new Find X, which comes full screen with almost no dialogue after development offer to improve the front camera doesn’t even stay in the phone interface in the main screen.

Comes the new phone from the company with a screen olid 1080p and measurement of 6.4 inches which is a size large, but the user can catch it fully in one hand, come to the screen by 92.25% of the size of the device a very large proportion compared with other phones, as the device which carries the imprint of the compact with the screen of phones with full screen real.

The most important thing for users in this phone, it is no extrusion at the top, not even under the top protects the camera or any account of the company, where the company has developed a special system of the camera makes it move to the top to show users when you open the camera app, slide down unfortunately and when the app is closed shows the phone like it cameras.

The phone comes with a front camera with 25 mega pixels with face recognition system three-dimensional, it has a rear camera Double accurately 16 mega pixel and 20 Mega Pixel. The company says that the new camera does not pose any problem to users, where is opened the camera in the circumstance just half a second!

The phone has the protection of the glass in the front and rear design to give me the angles are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus when offering about the same size.

Contains Find X on the Processor Snapdragon 845 a processor located on the best devices the market yet comes with a RAM of 8 GB with internal storage space of 256 GB.

It also brings the phone battery capacity of 3,730 Milli-amp / hours and supports at the same time fast charging technology VOOC existing phones oneplus (oppo makes phones oneplus).

The phone also Android system oreo 8.1, in addition it supports dual SIM fully.

أوبو تكشف عن هاتف Find X بشاشة كاملة وكاميرا أمامية متحركة

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